Courageous HeArts in Minneapolis  


Women from the Somali community gather at Courageous HeArts in South Minneapolis for a Saturday morning bundle-making session. They shared stories and created vibrant personal pieces for the project.

 "I want you to know that while I hope to continue to support the work that you are doing that ultimately I have come to see it as a work of healing—as it is also powerfully creating awareness on a larger scale about displacement and its lasting impact on human lives." – Marian Hassan

One of the participants said of her bundle: "I think Somalia is an important place, but we are American also. I hope the children will stop war, stop fighting, just live their life…If there’s war, your back (is against a wall) if there’s peace, you can think about your life, live your life…(in the bundle) Green is life, green is the peace.”

"These bundles, in the Somali culture, you’re supposed to let go…we usually don’t, art is a luxury, it’s a privilege to be able to access art."

"Making things with our hands is human."


Courageous HeArts: "Where creativity builds courage"
Minneapolis/St Paul are home to the largest community of Somali-born people in North America.

Amherst Wilder Center for Social Healing
Minneapolis/St. Paul have the largest urban Hmong population in North America.