Yu-Wen Wu is the 2018-2019 Artist in Residence at the Pao Arts Center (Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Centers). During her year long residency, Wu worked on Leavings/Belongings, focusing on the unique hardships endured in migration particularly by women and children in the current global migration crises. Working with immigrant and refugee organizations and the public, through the act of making these symbolic bundles together, participants share their migration stories. The sessions generate storytelling about theirs and their family’s immigration journeys — bridging across experiences, generations, and ethnicity. Throughout the project, Wu records these narratives, photographing the participants and their bundles. At the Pao Arts Center, this will culminate in an exhibition of photographs, video and a sculptural installation of bundles.

BCNC bundles holding with tags.jpg

Photographs of some of the thirty sessions Wu has held to date. Some participants with their bundles.